BREAKING NEWS – Editorial resignation and new Journal of Critical Public Health established

Wednesday, July 5, 2023


Editorial Board of prestigious, international peer-reviewed scholarly journal Critical Public Health to part ways from owner and publisher, Taylor & Francis: “Fundamentally different perspectives” over the role and process of scholarly publishing cited as the reason. 

 Exeter, UK / Calgary, Canada. Today, members of the Editorial Board of the international peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Critical Public Health, announced a mass resignation from the journal’s owner and publisher, Taylor & Francis.  

 Critical Public Health, and its predecessor, Radical Community Medicine, have since 1979 provided a forum for scholar-activists to publish work that illuminates and challenges power relations that shape all aspects of public health. 

Yet, as discussed in a 2021 editorial in the journal, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain that vision under corporate ownership and control. 

According to Co-Editors-in-Chief, Judith Green and Lindsay McLaren, “While there are inevitable tensions for a critically oriented scholarly journal that is also a commodity marketed by a commercial publisher, over the last year or so it has become increasingly difficult to hold together these two different versions of the journal”. 

While the relationship has reached its end, the community will live on in another form. Authors and readers are invited to join the new community at


·      UK:  Judith Green, University of Exeter, or Ewen Speed, University of Essex,

·      CANADA: Lindsay McLaren, University of Calgary, Canada,  or Rebecca Haines-Saah, University of Calgary,